NAMTA continues to provide schools, teachers, and parents with the support to further Montessori principles and understanding. Our online store offers NAMTA’s rich history of parent education booklets, academic publications, DVDs, and other Montessori publications. School job listings and the online school directory will continue to keep parents and practitioners updated on Montessori schools throughout North America and beyond. Check our homepage regularly for updates and to access the most recent NAMTA Journals in digital format.

Announcing the Continuation of the NAMTA Archives and Updates to Our Online Store

In response to the many requests to keep our publications, media, and archive access available, NAMTA has recently completed a full inventory and review of our publications. Recognizing the value and legacy of NAMTA media to the international Montessori community, the NAMTA officers intend to continue offering our publications, videos, and access to the NAMTA Montessori Archives.  These products can all be easily browsed and ordered through our online store. NAMTA’s job list and school directory will also continue on our website with school listings being free to list and to browse.  

Our commitment to continuing the availability of our publications includes reprinting select titles to maintain stock. We have reprinted Montessori Children’s House: An Introduction and The Montessori Elementary: Continuing the Journey. Our popular parent education booklets will now all be priced at $12 each:

  • Montessori Children’s House: An Introduction 

  • The Montessori Elementary: Continuing the Journey

  • What Is a Montessori Toddler Community?

  • In a Montessori Home

A 10% discount will be applied to bulk orders of 25 or more individual titles.

The NAMTA officers have also decided to make more back issues of the NAMTA Journal and the NAMTA Quarterly available for purchase. Except for a few special editions of specific journals, all back issues will be priced at $12. Training centers will receive a 20% discount on all orders.  

Preserving the great treasure of our Montessori archives has been a priority over the past few months. We have migrated and updated the NAMTA Montessori Archives to a new database and platform that will enable easy searching and ordering for all users. The NAMTA Montessori Archive holds over 16,000 individual documents and has served as an invaluable tool for parent-education resources, research projects, school newsletters, teacher development, and the study of Montessori methods and history. The NAMTA Archives can now be accessed and searched for free: We will no longer require subscriptions to search the database. All articles can be ordered directly through the NAMTA store and are priced at $1.00 per page with each order carrying a $5.00 handling fee. Current subscription holders will receive a 10% discount on archive orders through June 2021. 

All of our products can be found at the NAMTA Store. If you have questions, please contact us at

We hope that your Montessori communities are finding meaningful ways to reach the families in your programs while supporting the health and well-being of your teachers and staff members. Best wishes for a joyful holiday season.

Jacquie Maughan and the NAMTA Officers: Deborah Bricker, Gerard Leonard, Molly O’Shaughnessy and Sarah Werner Andrews

New NAMTA Website

We hope that this communication from NAMTA finds you safe and well, and that you have found support as you continue to navigate this crisis for your schools, your families, and your communities.

The link to our offer for free viewing of “Edison’s Day” has been extended through July (promo code FREEJULY). Other NAMTA videos that are available for rental through vimeo include What is a Montessori Toddler Community? What is a Montessori Children’s House? and The Montessori Elementary Classroom. 

NAMTA has revised and updated our website. This new website will enable us to continue to serve the Montessori community more efficiently, and we hope will be easier for you to use. It has three primary functions.

Our online shop offers the NAMTA journals, parent education booklets, DVDs, as well as those of AMI and other authors. Over the next several months, we will be assessing our inventory in order to meet your needs and requests. We will also feature specials on several of our past publications. Please note that the links to our recent digital journals are available on the homepage.

We are preparing the second issue of our 2020 journal, “Connecting Montessori to the World, Past, Present and Future” which will be published digitally in October.
We will offer print copies of the 2020 journals and will send out information on how to pre-order after we send out the second digital issue.

The Montessori Archives will be transferred to the new website. We are reviewing the contents as well as the process for making the Archives available to the Montessori community through the NAMTA Shopify store.

The Archives will temporarily be unavailable. Current subscribers to the Archives will have access to the contents once they are in the store inventory. Future subscription details will be announced when the Archives go live in Shopify.

The Job Listings:
The NAMTA website is a great place to post your job listings for your schools.  Unless you inform us otherwise, every job posting will remain active for 6 months.  We are simplifying our process for placing and paying for job postings. Please note the following pricing: For ads that are 100 words or less, the price will be $75.00, for ads 101-200 words, $100 and anything over 200 words, $150.00.

School Directory:
We want to encourage schools to list themselves on our online school directory.  This is an easy means for schools, parents, teachers and others to find schools in their area.The NAMTA website is one of the only websites that offers this service to all schools and programs at no cost.

A few closing notes:
At the end of our last membership year, we sent out a survey requesting feedback on NAMTA’s work and your thoughts about the future of the Montessori movement. We have compiled your contributions and will feature them in a summary in the journal. If you did not have a chance to complete the survey that we distributed last year, we encourage you to do so now.

If any questions arise when you go to our new website, please feel free to contact us at

Best wishes and stay safe,
The NAMTA Officers:
Jacquie Maughan
Deborah Bricker
Molly O’Shaughnessy
Gerard Leonard
Sarah Werner Andrews

Recent NAMTA Journals

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